Saturday, August 22, 2015

Holla At Ya Girl

I guess I should update this thing for the 50 or so of you that are actually still reading my blog!

In case you haven't heard, LA was a bust! Honestly, it was such a great experience for me and I'm pretty lucky that I had the opportunity to live out my dream of being a "Cali girl" but man the grass is definitely not greener on the other side. I think referring back to my last post, (which I made while I was still living in LA) you can get the vibe for how I was feeling out there. I made some amazing new friendships that I've continued to keep while back here in Utah, but yes I officially moved back home! And I know what you're about to ask next; YES I am so happy to be back! This is, and will always be my home. I guess it really does take leaving to realize what you have. I've said that time and time again about my cancer diagnosis as well and it couldn't be closer to the truth. Sometimes it takes drastic measures and life altering events to open up your eyes but if there was one thing I could teach others about what I've gone through, it's that life is not as bad as it seems! Every single day you wake up and have the opportunity to make your day great. No one else gets to decide that but yourself. Sure I wake up some days exhausted and unmotivated but I actively tell myself today is going to be great. No matter what comes my way today, I'm going to conquer it with the best attitude I can. I'm going to rise above the negativity. I'm going to have such a great day today that everyone who comes in contact with me will have no choice but to have a better day as well. There are so many things in this life that have the power to bring you down if you let it. Cancer. Car accident. Headache. Financial issues. Diet. Break ups. I could go on and on am I right? But what I want you all to think about is the millions of people in this world that have it worse than you. Humble yourself. Do some research on the poverty and slavery issues that third world countries are still facing TODAY. Realize that by simply living in America alone, you already have it better than MILLIONS of human beings. Don't sweat the small stuff. Brush it off your shoulder and make your day great. Make your week great. Heck, make your life great you guys! I promise it's not that hard!

On a side note, I started a Team for the Huntsman Cancer Institute 5k this coming Saturday! If you would like to join my team and walk (or run for those of you crazy's who are into that) or even just donate money to help fund cancer research please contact me! You can comment here or send me a Facebook message, text message or an email. Anything you can donate gets our scientists that much closer to curing this crap! XOXOX

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