Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just Another Bump in the Road!

Man I wish that my blog was about something more fun and light hearted like fashion or food! Something we all love, not something we all hate. Wouldn't that be the life?!

Tomorrow will be the end of my third round of chemo. After tomorrow I will only have two more treatments and then I'll be done, right? Wrong! Two weeks ago, when I went in for my fifth chemo treatment, I was scheduled to come in a few hours early to get some lab work done and to meet with the oncologist which we do about every other treatment. While we waited for over an hour to meet with my doctor my mom did a puzzle in the waiting room with me.
 SO much fun right? It sure beats the alternative! If I had the chance to go to HCI and just play puzzles without getting any poison fed into my veins, I would go there every single day. If only! Well we finally got back to meet with Dr. Halwani and after a few minutes of talking to him he informed us that about two weeks after I finish all of my chemo treatments and finish my testing I will have to start.... drum roll please.... Radiation!!!! Radiation sucks because I'll have to come in everyday Monday through Friday for about an hour to receive treatment. We aren't sure about the exact game plan yet, I'll meet with a Radiation Oncologist on April Fools (Ironic right?) to learn more about it but as of now we're thinking about 2-4 weeks.

Yet another bump along the road, but nothing I can't beast through! At this point, if things stay according to the plan, I am officially half way. Fortunately, I hear that radiation is a walk in the park compared to chemo, so hopefully this will be the easier half of the two. As of now I am still continuing to coach the cutest volleyball team ever, taking a practice or two off directly after chemo. It's the only normal part of my life left so I swore no matter how hard it got that I wouldn't give it up, but so far I haven't needed to. They really are an amazing group of girls and their families have all been so helpful and understanding.
A few of the girls after we took first at our last tournament! 
 I honestly don't know what I would do without all of the love and support from you guys. Especially my family, you guys mean everything to me!!

Strategically placed heart because
I just love you guys! ;)